SPA della Toscana


Fragrances, creams and active ingredients: all massages and treatments inside the SPA are performed with natural products, so that the outer and the interior beauty  are reunited to bring a total and lasting well-being, in perfect balance to mind and body.


Relaxing massage 50 min — € 70

                                 30 min.— e 45     

Applied to relieve fatigue, pain and at the same time relax, eliminate muscle and nerve stiffness caused by states of stress.

Massage with essential oils 50 min. — € 70

Excellent for the treatment of some common ailments through the properties of the essential oils. The slow movements help the penetration of the essences into skin pores.

Californian massage 50 min. — € 70

It features very fluid and soft movements, providing relief from stress and deep relaxation.

Hot oil massage 50 min. — € 70

This massage strengthens the body and removes physical and mental fatigue.

Foot reflexology 30 min. — € 50

Feet are considered a mirror of the body and the pressure exerted on particular spots can act on the corresponding areas of the body.

Hot stone 50 min. — € 80

The benefits of this massage are many, both from a physical, emotional and spiritual point of view.


Anti-cellulite massage 50 min. — € 70

It stimulates blood circulation, the mobilization of subcutaneous fat deposits, the elimination of waste and liquids.

Draining massage 50 min. — € 70

It helps reduce water retention and improves blood circulation, through slow and deep movements.

Hemolymphatic massage 50 min. — € 70

Encourages the elimination of stagnating liquids in lower limbs, caused by poor venous and lymphatic circulation.

Lymphatic drainage massage 50 min. — € 70

Useful against the swellings and edemas which are symptoms of poor lymphatic circulation. Helps reduce water retention and cellulite.

Circulatory massage 50 min. — € 70

Helps and stimulates the circulatory system. Favors the cellular life cycle and the oxygenation process of organs, eliminating the waste accumulated within tissues of the lymphatic system.

Anti-aging lifting massage 50 min. — € 55


Decontracting massage 50 min. — € 70 

Useful for the reduction of muscle tension and stiffness caused by contractures, improving muscle mobility.

Preparatory massage 30 min. — € 45

It favors the heating of the parts of the body involved in the treatment, preparing the muscles for movement and physical activity.

Anti-fatigue: min. 30 – € 45

It is carried out to relieve physical and mental fatigue by promoting tissue oxygenation.