SPA della Toscana


Body, Mind and Emotions: Multi-sensory rituals of well-being and regeneration


All the secrets of the Hammam in this global ritual: a true rebirth. Revitalising, for a soft and satin-finished skin.

The traditional and authentic Hammam Ritual. A deep purification of the skin with the application of Black Soap (pleasantly enriched with Eucalyptus, which clears the airways) in Calidarium (steam bath), an exfoliation of dead cells thanks to the traditional “Kassa” glove, a mask with Rassoul delicately scented with Geranium and Orange Blossoms, moisturising, nourishing and firming. And, for those interested, a relaxing massage with hints of Oriental scents or rich Argan Oil. Perfect skin: smooth, soft and velvety. An experience of relaxation, regeneration and wellness that allows you to travel along the Silk Path and whose ritual is lost in the mists of time.

N.B.: the ritual is recommended during the first days of your stay, before sun exposure, for an even and consistent tan.

60 minutes in length – 70 €
Ritual + 30 minute massage – 115 €
Ritual + 60 minute massage – 140 €


Experience the complete Turkish Bath experience in this unique ritual. An invitation to fullness and serenity. Soft steam, scrub and massage in a cloud of foam. The skin regains its texture and softness.

Purification and cleansing ritual. The “break” in Calidarium relaxes, smoothes, opens the pores and frees the airways. The treatment continues with a body scrub with the Kassa glove and with the spectacular and exciting foam based on the ancient Aleppo soap. Then, for those who so wish, a massage with oil or scented shea butter for 30 or 60 minutes.

60 minutes in length – 70 €
Ritual + 30 minute massage – 115 €
Ritual + 50 minute massage – 140 €


A specific wellness and nourishment treatment for the skin of the face based on refined and high-quality ingredients: Argan Oil, Aleppo Soap, Loofha, White Crystals, Honey and Royal Jelly, Rose Water and Orange Blossom. Cleansing, exfoliation, mask, and facial massage for radiant, glowing, hydrated and pearly looking skin.

60 minutes in length – 70 €


A wonderful treatment that gives instant well-being and illuminates the skin, leaving a pearly and even complexion.

A complete ritual of purification and hydration of the skin at the same time. A full-body scrub with powdered Alum crystals enriched with Honey, Royal Jelly and pleasantly scented with a delicate oil with oriental notes. The treatment continues with a particularly nourishing massage with Shea Butter, enriched with Argan Oil and the magical essences of the Silk Path. A multi-sensory ritual that surprises and excites. It leaves a smooth, velvety, soft, satin and pleasantly perfumed skin. A wellness programme that creates the sensation of a “royal” break, where every detail is focused on the pleasure of being well with yourself, in your skin.

60 minutes in length – 70 €
Ritual + 30 minute massage – 115 €
Ritual + 50 minute massage – 140 €


All the secrets of the Hammam are in this global ritual: a true revival to treat the Bride before her new married life. Revitalising treatment for a soft, satin-finished and radiant skin. An experience and a moment of joy, dedicated to beauty, in the company of your closest friends.

The Hammam and the Spa wet room are reserved for a group of friends for 120 minutes, to mark the occasion of their Bachelorette Party. The ritual of the traditional hammam with savonage (Desert Water Ritual) is enriched, for the future bride, by the application of the white crystal mask for skin with a radiant and pearly appearance. In addition to the Desert Water with Savonage Ritual for the entire group, the Bachelorette Ritual includes a 60-minute massage for the future bride.

A full aperitif is included in the price

Minimum of 4 people

3 hours in length – 59 € per person


An experience and a special occasion to share with your partner where the Hammam is reserved for 30 minutes and the visitor proceeds step by step along the wellness path (choice of Ritual Desert Water, Aleppo Soap Embrace or Silk Path). Followed by a 50-minute individual massage.

2 hours in length – 280 € per couple