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Opera SPA

Opera treatments, your SPA Day in Tuscany

The Opera SPA is the wellness centre of Fonte alla Lepre Resort. We are located in Riparbella, in Tuscany, where we offer guests relaxing days and memorable holidays. At the SPA, massages and other treatments are available upon reservation.

Massages at Opera SPA

Relax Massage

Relaxing and soothing massage made up of brushing and pressures. By stimulating the energy of our body and reactivating the blood / lymphatic circulation, we will eliminate the various levels of stress with a significant reduction in anxiety states.

Detox/lymphodrainage massage

Manual drainage massage that works directly on the lymphatic system, an essential apparatus to maintain the health of the body and build up the immune system. Thanks to its drainage action, we will eliminate excess liquids and waste substances from our tissues, guaranteeing an always purified body.

Toning massage

Massage composed of pressures and depressions with the aim of toning the tissues. It is indicated to deflate and firm up our body, eliminating water retention and contrasting cellulite.

Facial massage

Lifting and anti-ageing massage made up of light brushing and pressure. We will give our face a more compact and lifted look again, renewing the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for the well-being of our skin.

SPA treatments

Facial Treatments

Emotions Plus

Soothing treatment for sensitive skin that strengthens the skin barrier, helps protect the capillaries, controls oxidation and recreates the well-being of the skin.


Anti-ageing treatment. A chemical peeling performed with various functional acids on the skin surface: it has a regenerating and compacting action.

Lime C Vitamin

Ideal treatment to protect the skin from the attack of free radicals and to ensure an energizing action on the skin subjected to stress and greyish.


Phytocosmetic treatment with certified formulas inspired by nature COSMOS ORGANIC AND VEGAN COSMETIC

Body Treatments

Detox Mud

A detoxifying and purifying treatment for the skin of the body: it is therefore an indispensable step to prepare the skin and create the ideal balance to start treating the body, amplifying the effectiveness of any cosmetic.


Reducing and draining bandage treatment that helps to counteract the imperfections of oedematous cellulite and localized adiposity.

Sinecell Scrub

Exfoliating, draining, anti-cellulite, reducing treatment for localized fat deposits and excess liquids.

Body Scrub

Exfoliating treatment that prepares our skin for the first sun exposure, ensuring a better duration.

Exfoliating, draining and anti-cellulite treatment that reduces localized fat deposits and excess liquids.

Mud Fire Plus

Mud treatment for localized fat deposits, reducing, toning, hot-cold effect.

Fire Plus

Mud treatment for abdomen and glutes, reducing and toning.

What to know about Opera Day SPA

The SPA Opera was designed with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact on the area in which it is located. Thanks to the use of 100% renewable sources, the structure can to exploit the natural resources present in the surrounding area.

The water, for example, comes from the spring located inside the property and the wood that heats the boiler comes from the pruning of the forest. There are also solar thermal and photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity.

Opening hours: 10 a.m – 1:00 p.m / 03:30 p-m – 07:30 p.m
Children under the age of 18 are not allowed

Reservations are required for treatments by calling 0586 699066 or by sending an email to booking@fonteallalepre.com

To ensure the best comfort, we ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time for the treatment. To cancel or modify a reservation, please inform us at least 12 hours in advance. Otherwise we will be forced to apply a 100% cancellation penalty.


How to book

With the form at your disposal, you can check the availability in our structure. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need for the best stay.

OPEN FROM 03/28/2024 TO 03/11/2024

Info and reservation+39 0586 699 066